Client Information

Here you can find useful information about what to expect after your pet has a procedure.

Pre-anaesthetic blood tests

Pre-anaesthetic blood tests are recommended prior to any anaesthetic. This would be a blood sample taken on the morning of the procedure. The sample is commonly taken from the neck or the leg so your pet may have a shaved patch in one of these areas. Pre-anaesthetic blood tests, combined with a clinical exam, give us a full picture as to whether your pet is healthy enough to go under an anaesthetic. Pre-anaesthetic bloods are comprised of biochemistry and haematology. Haematology looks at red and white blood cells and biochemistry looks at kidney and liver functions. If anything abnormal is found, it can allow us to alter the anaesthetic to be safer for your pet and sometimes we may delay the anaesthetic whilst assessing any issues.

This is strongly recommended for older pets due to the increased likelihood of health problems. Screening younger pets can also allow earlier detection of problems which allows for earlier intervention to either treat or slow the progression of an illness. If nothing abnormal is found it still provides us with a normal baseline for comparison if your pet were to become unwell in the future.